The distinctive wit, insightful character writing and love of the contemporary American vernacular have always been the hallmarks of distinction in great lyrics. I number Karole Foreman among them. If Shaw was right in saying that language is the great barrier that separates soul from soul and class from class then Karole Foreman's work is breaking down barriers.

Kent Gash
Director, Writer
Former Associate Artistic Director of Alabama Shakespeare and
The Alliance Theatre Co.

'THE VENUS HOTTENTOT'S...' is a brilliant piece of writing that manages to scare one to the very bone and also finds hilarity in the great racial divide of our society...there's a discernible element of George Wolfe's THE COLORED MUSEUM, Suzan-Lori Parks' VENUS, and Buchner's WOYZZECK all working in malevolent harmony.

Allan Havis
Playwright, Provost and Professor of Theater
Thurgood Marshall College, UCSD